Artist Statement

Traditional African Architecture supplies a fertile philosophical and formal space that allows and challenges me to engage in a deep visual exploration within a dialogue expressed in the medium of clay. My work in clay is large scale architectural sculpture made from low to mid-range earth-toned fired clay. The forms particularly employ a dominant use of line, repeatedly expressed in variation of quality towards establishment of rhythm. Form expression is advanced through use of contrast in color, texture, volume, and space. Duality, summoned as a central recurring theme is woven within formal elements and presents an invitation to engage in deeper personal dialogue. Within the core of my work subjects are represented that offer avenues through which one might successfully view the work. Examples are openings and depressions contrasted with projections; linear patterns which exploit reversal of direction as a means of creating and repeating rhythm; masculine and feminine symbol assignments. Clay offers me an immediate ability to express such metaphors relating to the concept of self as experienced in contemporary culture of modern African society. Migration, pride, identity, sophistication, ambition, religion, politics; these are examples of the subjects referenced. The work is built combing throwing and hand building techniques. Both traditions are foundational to my training, Western and Traditional African. Both influences are pivotal for me in resolving the central issues of identity that my work discusses.