Organizing a multi-media studio residency program, a crafts and teaching network spread across Ghana has been a worthwhile experience. Collaborating with accomplished traditional master craftspeople working in pottery, metal, textiles, and mural painting has presented the opportunity to bring value, recognition, and remuneration to skills and indigenous discipline which often goes uncelebrated. I acknowledge and express gratitude for sponsorship from NCECA, Fund for Teachers, PUM (Netherlands), Nidec-Shimpo America Corp, and all our past residents.

In 2020 the residency vision evolved into the Accra Sculpture invitational. Strongly influencing this direction was my experience as artist with Gallery 37 Chicago, and Arts/Industry John Michael Kohler Arts Center. As lead artist I identify concepts which I believe once presented for discussion and collaboration have the potential of becoming significant public works. The 2020 invitational was executed from March to October. Its success despite a pandemic, can be attributed to many (see link) who bought into the vision and were sincerely generous with the gift of skill, time, and resources. For that I am grateful. Reach out to me with project and funding proposals!